Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The future’s bright

Despite the challenges over the last year, investment in high growth firms has held steady, and some experts are predicting greater interest in start-up funding thanks to falling property prices, hedge fund collapses and near zero interest rates on cash.

Our figures show that more than £5m has been invested in high growth firms that we have helped in the last 12 months.

Because of the economic climate, high growth businesses have been looking for support and the opportunity to meet potential funding providers.

Our investment forums (to find out more information click here) continue to attract a healthy number of investors and our bootcamps (to find out more information click here), and coaching programme help companies that are looking for funding.

It’s now more important than ever to assist businesses with high growth potential and ambition to secure the finance that they need to grow. Over the ten years since Connect Yorkshire was born our events have helped 300 companies raise investment of over £42 million in equity and the intention is to help even more companies in Yorkshire and the Humber raise investment.

We want to promote the ability of companies working together to achieve their full potential and raise the profile of Yorkshire as a place to do business in the high growth sector.

It seems that for now - at least - Yorkshire's next generations of technology entrepreneurs have no shortage of good ideas and are in an ideal place to prosper when an economics upturn arrives. In the meantime the sector still needs a great deal of support to ensure these ideas mature into profitable businesses in the UK and beyond.