Monday, March 01, 2010

Survey Supports Professionals

Connect’s business model is based upon linking private and public sector support to help entrepreneurs find the funding and advice they need to turn their plans into viable business propositions.

Reading the FT during the 20th/21st Feb weekend, reinforces my original belief – which, is that the support that companies receive via our programmes, delivered by top professionals in Yorkshire, really is of great value to them.

Delta Economics interviewed 2,120 businesses, with an average turnover of £1.23m, asking them to rank the usefulness of 10 different sources of advice. It was reported that accountants and family members are better sources of advice and support to entrepreneurs than the banks or some support orgainisations, according to a survey of high growth businesses.

Professional advisers were the most widely used, both during the start up stage and later in the company’s development. They were also ranked among the most useful, slightly behind family members, other entrepreneurs and mentors.

We have forty-four top professional services providers and many successful entrpreneurs that are ready to help free of charge, so if you know of any companies that have high growth potential, ask them to contact Connect today on 0113 384 5640